makerbot cloudprint and makerbot method

Building the CTRL + P experience for 3D Printing

The problem

The growing 3D printing industry grappled with antiquated, localized software that hindered productivity and limited accessibility. MakerBot's 3D printing software faced the same challenges in its product offering.

The product

MakerBot CloudPrint™ consists of 5 main feature sets:

  • Print preparation
  • Printer Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Collaboration
  • Notification

The work

Spearheaded the ideation and launch of MakerBot CloudPrint, one of the industry's first fully cloud-based 3D printing software.
Launched in August of 2020, the MAU grew by ~40% in the first year of launch and set the strategic direction for product led growth dynamic and SaaS business model.


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